Saudi Arabia - Jubail

Saudi Arabia - Jubail We worked on a demountable flare of height of 130 meters, build up of 7 risers, each riser was 18m long, measured 42 "and weighed 8tons. Flare tip alone weighed 2.5 tonnes. Riser have been lifted with two winches, each winch had own pulley block for lifting. Pulley blocks were mounted on the sides of the risers and lifting flare to the certain level. With this process we dismantled every riser. Fler tip shall be exchanged for new but was on good conditions with only minor corrections. So we did small welding repair and install it back. We exchanged on top all thermocouple cables from Fler tip in to the first electrical JB box on the last riser. Overall we managed to work for 6 days + 2 days preparation. Our task was to supervise the project and do all organization thrue working process. The project was completed on 1 day earlier than was planned. The project was by Saudi Arabian company Expertise - http//www.expertindus.com/